Watercolor Sticker of a Strong, Elegant Woman Walking Through Fire - Set Of 2 - Vinyl Sticker

Nucla Studio
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Unleash the female empowerment with our captivating watercolor sticker featuring a strong, elegant woman walking through fire. The bold and inspiring text reads, "Descended from the witches you couldn't burn." Set of two stickers.

Product Highlights:

Empowering Watercolor Art: A striking depiction of a powerful woman walking through fire, radiating strength and elegance. The watercolor technique adds a touch of artistry and emotion to the design.

Inspirational Text: The empowering message, "Descended from the witches you couldn't burn," resonates with resilience and defiance, making it a perfect statement piece for those who embrace their inner strength.

Size: 4x4 inches and 3x3 inches
Created in Colorado. 
Disclaimer: color variations are possible across screens.