Posted by Natalie Norrena on Jan 14th 2024

Discovering Beauty in Every Shadow: My Journey as an Artist

Hello, fellow art enthusiasts! Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, I've always felt a deep connection to the world around me. The majestic mountains, the whispering woods, and the myriad of wildlife have been my muses since I first picked up a camera. My home state has not just been a backdrop, but a living, breathing character in my art.

Sun beams over a lake breaking through storm clouds, snow cappedmountains in the back ground
One of the most captivating elements of nature, for me, is the dance between light and dark. The stark contrast, the silhouettes at dusk, and the shadows that play hide and seek with the sun. It's in these moments of transition, where day meets night, that I often find the most profound beauty. It's a reminder that there's always more than meets the eye, and every life, every scene, has its unique story. 
Have you ever noticed something unusual in a place you pass by every day? A flower blooming amidst concrete or a bird perched on a city lamppost? I'm fascinated by these moments. They remind me to always observe, to be in the world, not just on it. It's this philosophy that I bring into my fine art photography prints. Each shot is a testament to the beauty and value of every life, every moment. 
But my passion doesn't stop at photography. Drawing inspiration from the animals I adore, I've ventured into creating handmade personalized pet ID tags. Each tag is a labor of love, ensuring our furry friends are not only safe but also wear a piece of art. My journals and greeting cards, too, are infused with the same love for nature and observation. And for those who love a touch of art in their everyday life, my vinyl stickers are a delightful treat! 
Being a solo artist in the vast world of eCommerce can be daunting. But every time someone chooses one of my pieces, it's a validation that resonates deep within. It's a shared appreciation for the world we live in, its contrasts, its shadows, and its light. 
So, whether you're here to find a piece of Colorado's beauty for your walls, a unique tag for your pet, or a journal to pen down your thoughts, know that you're getting a piece of my heart, my observations, and my love for the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let's celebrate the beauty in every shadow together.