Extra Small Starry Sky Pet ID Tags - A Cosmic Badge for Your Celestial Companion

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Illuminate your pet's collar with our Handmade Personalized Pet ID Tags, designed with a mesmerizing starry sky and cloud motif. Perfectly sized at just 0.80 inches round, these celestial charms are tailored for the tiniest of cats and dogs, ensuring they wear their identity with cosmic elegance.

Why Choose Our Starry Sky Pet ID Tags?

  • Unique and Personal: Customize the tag to reflect your pet's stellar personality, ensuring they're the star of any pet gathering.
  • Safety with a Starry Touch: These custom name tags not only keep your pet safe but do so with a touch of cosmic charm.
  • Durable Elegance: Thanks to our bonding technique, these tags promise to remain as vibrant and clear as a starlit night.

Gift your furry friend a piece of the cosmos. Order your Starry Sky Pet ID Tag today and let your petite pal shine with celestial splendor!

Product Features:

  • Perfectly Petite: Measuring a mere 0.80 inches round, these tags are the ideal adornment for cats or small dogs, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.
  • Celestial Design: Embellished with a dreamy starry sky and cloud design, each tag transforms your pet's collar into a miniature night sky.
  • Double-Sided Brilliance: With space for your pet's name on one side and your contact details on the other, these tags ensure your furry friend is always identifiable.
  • Lustrous Glossy Finish: Our easy-to-clean glossy finish guarantees that your pet's tag remains radiant, even after their most adventurous escapades.
  • Robust Aluminum Construction: Made from durable aluminum, these tags are designed to withstand the test of time and play.
  • Bonded for Longevity: The celestial design and your personalized details are bonded seamlessly to the tag, ensuring resistance to wear and a lasting impression.

Jump ring included for collar attachment.

Size: 0.80 inches by 0.80 inches

Custom pet tags created and shipped from Colorado.

Disclaimer: Although this is a high quality item, variations in color are possible across screens.