Mountain Scenery Lavender Dog Bone Pet ID Tag

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Introducing Our Handmade Unique Personalized Pet ID Tag – A Wearable Work of Art!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind accessory that not only keeps your beloved pet safe but also showcases their individuality? Look no further than our handmade unique personalized pet ID tag – a true masterpiece crafted with love and care.

Why Choose Our Pet ID Tag?

  • Artistic Elegance: More than just an ID tag, it's a small piece of art that captures the essence of your pet's unique personality. The mountain scenery illustration adds a touch of natural beauty to your pet's ensemble.

  • Versatility: Perfect for both cats and dogs, our tag is customizable to suit your furry friend's personality, making it an ideal choice for both feline and canine companions.

  • Safety First: This tag ensures they can always find their way back home. Personalized information helps strangers identify and return your precious pet, ensuring peace of mind for you and safety for them.


Key Features:

  • Distinctive Design: Shaped like a charming dog bone (1.0 inches by 1.5 inches), our tag features a mesmerizing mountain scenery illustration. Lavender, purple, and blues blend seamlessly, creating an eye-catching masterpiece.

  • Double-Sided Durability: Made from high-quality aluminum, our tag is not just a pretty piece of art – it's tough and resilient. The double-sided design ensures that your pet's vital information stays intact even with everyday wear and tear.

  • Easy to Clean Glossy Finish: Worried about maintenance? Fret not! Our tag boasts an easy-to-clean glossy finish, ensuring it looks as good as new with just a quick wipe.

  • Personalized Touch: Your pet's name and your contact information are intricately bonded to the front and back of the tag. This ensures that the tag not only looks fantastic but is also highly functional in case your pet ever goes on an unexpected adventure.

Don't miss the chance to adorn your pet with this unique, handmade masterpiece. Order now and let your pet's personality shine through. Make your pet a trendsetter – order yours today! 

Size: 1.5 x 1 inch, 1mm thick

Jump ring included for collar attachment.

Custom pet tags created and shipped from Colorado.

Disclaimer: Although this is a high quality item, variations in color are possible across screens.